Wednesday, 26 August 2009


A shout out about our current exhibition here at the Craft Centre...

A new exciting show which opened on Saturday 15th August, which embraces the diversity of this staple material. Whilst wood may be a medium primarily associated with furniture, we have assembled a selection of makers all using wood in very different ways which exemplify its versatility and sustainability.


In other news I've been getting increasingly addicted to paninis from neighbouring independent business 'Bread and Butter' on Tib Street. I'd recommend them, although really I should behave and start bringing packed lunches again.

I've had a fairly unexciting day in the studio today, although productive nonetheless...I've sorted through and rearranged cupboard and drawer space, reordered supplies online, and done the recycling, as well as a bit of work on signage in the studio and some little paintings.

Starting to think about food as usual, but it will have to wait as I have a tenant's meeting here at the Craft Centre this evening. Must remember to pick up some Nurofen for the other half on the way home as he has come down with something - he best hadn't give it to me!

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