Wednesday, 13 January 2010

it's business time

Hello hello folks,


Actually it's not so cold here in the studio if I close the door to conserve heat - it's even warm enough to do some work. Quiet times here at the Craft Centre, people staying at home to avoid slippery roads and pavements - can't say I blame them. A few brave souls have made it through the door for the odd greetings card or little painting.

Fortunately I'm not just sitting and waiting for the hoards and have plenty of work to keep me occupied until things pick up, replenishing stock which sold over Christmas, completing commisisons, contacting stockists, drinking copious amounts of redbush tea, and making grand plans for the year ahead.

I handed my notice in at the Whitworth Art Gallery over Christmas, which is very exciting for me. I have worked there for almost 7 years now, and I couldn't have had a better job to get me through the transition from University to self-employment. It feels like the right time to try painting full time, so try it I will. At the moment I work 3 days at the studio, and 2 days at the Whitworth. Soon it will be 3 days at the studio and 4 whole days to myself to really get stuck in to work - can't wait.

I plan to start work on some new large scale canvasses at home, which I've never had the time to try before. I am also in the process of converting our boxroom to a storage and packing room for supplying stockists and eventually I hope online sales - which I'm going to work on setting up on my website, on etsy, and on folksy. It'll take time. I'm hoping to have time to work on developing the hand-painted butterflies and birds which form the basis of my paintings, which have sorely needed attention for a while. I might even have time for more regular blog updates.

No doubt when I have finished at the Whitworth I will still feel as though there are not enough days in the week, but c'est la vie.

Roll on spring!