Saturday, 24 January 2009

horror vacui

Today is the opening event for the new exhibition here at Manchester Craft & Design Centre, 'Horror Vacui' or 'Fear of the Void'. It's an international touring jewellery exhibition, and this is the only place you can see it in the UK. More details can be found on the MCAD website here. The event is 2pm - 4pm with complimentary hot spiced port, and music for your ears.

I'm in the studio today, it's been a long 6 day working week though so I'm going to take it easy - cups of tea and the crossword are the order of the day. Tomorrow is a day off, so hopefully by Monday I will be refreshed and ready to throw myself back into work. Crammed in three previews last night, at International 3, Cube and the Cornerhouse. I was a bit worried about the real life pig at the Cornerhouse, but it looked very comfortable and happy snuffling in its straw, blissfully unaware of its new found fame.

Next week I have two commissions to get started on, plus new work to do for Mooch, and I need to finally get round to taking new stock to Blossom. Plenty to keep me occupied. Also planning on going to the opening of Jim Medway's new show at Common, just a street away from the Craft Centre.

Ooh, its colder than I thought it would be today, may have to nip home for an extra layer and some mittens...

Friday, 16 January 2009


Meet Pooble. He was born about 5 years ago, but has never really lived! I think he will be my picture book starting point.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

joys of january

Oh dear, not one little post from me during December, shocking! Despite my obvious failure in the blogging department (which I am trying to rectify, starting today!) I had a great festive period and even topped last year's sales, so it's fantastic to be still going in the right direction especially during these troubling times. I have everything crossed that this year will be the same...only time will tell.

So what's new...just before Christmas I got an invitation from Eighth Day Cafe to exhibit there again. It was a little short notice so I'm not there yet, but the last exhibition I had there went down really well, so hopefully Ill be there again in the near future. It's a lovely little cafe. Cards and little canvases have been selling well at Blossom in Chorlton, and I'm preparing a new delivery of goodies for them at this minute. I have a couple of commissions underway which are keeping me busy. Look out for an exhibition in April at Littleborough Gallery...more about that nearer the time. Yesterday I experimented with a new canvas featuring the humble blue tit, so a new range may be on the's always nice to try something new. I've also been approached by local freelance journalist Martin Hewitt about an interview, so I'll divulge more about that in due course.

Ooh, I did a post!