Wednesday, 26 August 2009


A shout out about our current exhibition here at the Craft Centre...

A new exciting show which opened on Saturday 15th August, which embraces the diversity of this staple material. Whilst wood may be a medium primarily associated with furniture, we have assembled a selection of makers all using wood in very different ways which exemplify its versatility and sustainability.


In other news I've been getting increasingly addicted to paninis from neighbouring independent business 'Bread and Butter' on Tib Street. I'd recommend them, although really I should behave and start bringing packed lunches again.

I've had a fairly unexciting day in the studio today, although productive nonetheless...I've sorted through and rearranged cupboard and drawer space, reordered supplies online, and done the recycling, as well as a bit of work on signage in the studio and some little paintings.

Starting to think about food as usual, but it will have to wait as I have a tenant's meeting here at the Craft Centre this evening. Must remember to pick up some Nurofen for the other half on the way home as he has come down with something - he best hadn't give it to me!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

erm, august, already?

Hmm, it seems I'm not natural born blogger, considering my last update was in March, and it is now August...however I thought I would give my mother (avid blog reader and writer, well, avid in comparison to me) a minor heart attack by actually updating.

All is good both at the studio and at home, after moving both. Nick and I have done the stereotypical Mancunian twenty-something move from little city centre flat to the smug but lovely suburb of Chorlton. It's a sprawling three-bed semi with a garden, which was only affordable because it needed a blooming good clean, but after doing a lot of scrubbing it is now a comfortable home, and we have even conquered the slug problem. There's fresh air, a nature reserve 10 minutes walk away, and even closer is a large park which comes complete with rabbits, guinea pigs, and a goat. We've already had three crumbles and a fruit tart from apples and blackberries in the garden. The only downside has been changing my commute from two minutes to half an hour/45 mins, but a good book can do wonders for that, and I think it helps me separate work from home.

Kathryn and I moved to the studio next door back in May. It became vacant, and we realised it would be easier to decorate next door and move across than decorate our own studio, which was just starting to get a bit ragged around the edges. It is the same size, but comes with nicer flooring, a window which opens, and plumbing for a sink, so we went for it. It was also an opportunity for Kathryn to have more of a say with regards to decor, as she wasn't here when I did the first studio. Fortunately, I love her taste.

Painting continues to keep me busy busy busy. Apologies for the lack of new work appearing on the website - I've had so many commissions there hasn't been a lot of time for new work - I can't complain really. More new ones asap. I'm exhibiting again at Eighth Day Cafe, right now, and will possibly be exhibiting at the Bowery in Leeds later in the year, and in November will be part of the Craft & Gift Fair at the Portico Library and Gallery. I got my first royalty cheque from The Art Group for greetings card sales, yippee! Turns out they have sold about 16 000 so far, which is great.

So to finish, some pictures of the new studio...enjoy!
(I've just realised the pictures are a little out of date already - we've put up some lovely wallpaper in Kathryn's corner - you'll just have to imagine it for now).