Thursday, 22 July 2010

love yurts

Blimey, can't believe it was April when I last posted! I've been trying to be better with updates on the old facebook and twitter (, twitter is lilygreenwood)...but obviously it has been too much for me to cope with blogging too. Must try harder.

I've just spent the last week in a yurt in deepest Wales (Pembrokeshire coast) - and it was fantastic!

It did feel like camping - under canvas (so you could hear the rain really well!), cooking on a little gas stove, candle light - but it was that bit nicer. Very few other people around, nice proper bed, ample room to sit and have a game of scrabble, cosy woodburning stove to warm the yurt, proper covered area to sit and eat outside, barbeque, campfire and so on. The people who ran the place were great - ready to help and interested in what we were doing but not overbearing. They even brought some new fresh flowers for the yurt half way through the week.

We had some lovely walks along the coastal path poking in rock pools, oodles of wine, some nice ales, a day in St Davids where I had a coconut ice cream, a day on Skomer getting within a few metres of Puffins (which were really cute), built a sandcastle, swam in the sea (with the jellyfish - I later found out they aren't stingers) and lots of paddling, all good! Would certainly recommend it.

Chilled Camping -

Painting is keeping me busy busy all the time, and I have just completed a commission which involved painting all different kinds of insects, very interesting. I've started selling at Pad in Preston, so at the moment you can now get work from my studio, Webbs Fine Art in London, Portico Library and Gallery, Blossom Flowers in Chorlton, Pad in Preston, The Bowery in Leeds, online on Etsy and Folksy, and cards are available from Butterfly World, Herts. Hope I haven't forgotten any where. Phew!

In sadder news my print probably won't be sold in Next any time soon as my publishers The Art Group suddenly went into administration. I'm not so sad for myself as I don't get excited until I see it in person and fingers crossed I have ridden the recession quite well so far - I'm more sad for the 30 staff left redundant without pay or notice. I wish a speedy recovery and new horizons to all of them. On the bright side, my lovely contact there Helen is already coming up with new propositions and would like to look into publishing my work elsewhere, so a silver lining.

Ah look at the time, I better get on! Bye for now!