Saturday, 1 November 2008

november already

I'm in the studio today, not too cold, but perhaps this is because I'm wearing two jumpers. Actually, it's quite a bright late autumn day, and I can see blue skies and wintry sunshine through the glass roof, which from inside my two jumpers looks quite nice.

On the to-do list today are a couple of commissions which still need some work, and I'll probably get going on some more little'uns...Christmas present sized canvases. The other week I delivered some more work to Blossom in Chorlton, and Alison from Heart Gallery will be visiting soon to pick up some work. Canvases from Chester are arriving back at the studio on Monday, so if you spotted something you liked there it's not too late to drop me a line.

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Abhi said...

hai, really good work keep it up