Monday, 1 February 2010

it's a sign

We've finally got our names up on the front of the studio, and it's about time too considering we moved in from next door back in May. It feels good knowing there is no longer a yawning expanse of nothingness up there...we have names! The background is vintage small-print wallpaper all the way from Johnny Tapete in Germany (although you can't see the pattern on this photograph) with the letters hand crafted by our own fair hands. You don't want to know how long it took us to choose a font.

This week I am tying up the loose ends of last week's commission, preparing more work to go to The Bowery in Leeds after good Christmas sales there, starting a new commission, and any other odds and sods which come my way. The work for Blossom florists (Chorlton) is now installed so if you are around that way go take a peek.

It's my last day at the Whitworth Gallery this Thursday, although I will be straight back on Friday to check out the launch of 'The Walls are Talking' wallpaper exhibition. After installing table (£12) and chair (£2) from Wesley Community Furniture Exchange, and a bit of cheap shelving, my box room is now a packing and storage room ready to go. Next phase will be to decide which products will be going online, how to package them, photographing them, getting some stocks in, working out postage pricing, and getting them online. There is also an enormous blank canvas waiting for me in the spare room, so, enough to do.

I took part in the RSPB one hour garden bird survey yesterday while my 33 weeks pregnant good friend Ellie took a Sunday snooze on the sofa. Should have done it in the morning really, as I only saw a blackbird, a wood pigeon, and two sparrows. Oh well, did my bit I suppose.

Time to get back to work. Or have a brew.

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nittylizzyrozzy said...

a welcome update - the sign looks great, as does the studio - how long did it take to decide whose name was going first then?

Lily Greenwood said...

I didn't mind going second, anyway the letters are just mounted with blu tak if we ever wanted to swap!

nittylizzyrozzy said...

ooh, we can play anagrams next time I visit ;)